Good Health from the Inside Out!


Good Health from the Inside Out!

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Integrative Body Therapy or Reflexology - In the comfort of your own home.

Encourage your body to expel unwanted accumulated Toxins.

  • Pain Relief and recovery from Accident/injury and Chronic Pain

  • Boost and Balance Internal systems

  • Release Stress

  • Rejuvenate

  • Relax

Certified for seniors and the elderly

Integrative body therapy

$95 - 1 hour

Chronic Pain conditions such as Sports and Accident injuries, Post surgery problems, Whiplash injuries and neck pain, shoulder and rhomboid problems including Thoracic Outlet, even Fibromyalgia and Carpal Tunnel are improved, if not cleared.

Modalities used: Myokinesthetics, Soft Tissue Release/British Sports Therapy, Myotherapy, and more.

  • You don’t get undressed

  • No oils or creams

  • Addresses specific complaints

  • Improves Posture and Range of Motion

  • Relief From Back, Neck, Hip or Knee Pain in one session!

Are you stressed, tired and worn out, with those old injuries and problems nagging away at you. One treatment can re-balance your body and bring back freedom of movement and range of motion.

Chronic conditions are deeply ingrained in the mind and body and generally require a course of treatment to be able to get a lasting result. First treatment includes assessment and consultation.

Stuart C. Hot Springs, AR

When I started seeing Donald, I was at my wits end. I was starting to believe that there were certain things that I was just not going to be able to do anymore. I hadn't played basketball for two years because of the pain in my neck and shoulder and then I would have to take four ibuprofen just to get through the round and I would still be in pain. I would have headaches every two weeks or so that it would immobilize me for a full day.

What Donald showed me was that my neck, shoulders, and back muscles had reached such a state of tension over years of bad posture, bad work habits, and habitually protecting those areas, that these areas of my body were shutting down and not wanting to work anymore.

Donald explained that together we could get my muscles and posture relaxed again as they were intended to be, and I could get back to my basketball, my golf, and doing my work without having the pain to deal with anymore.

Well that's exactly what happened. I started playing basketball again approximately four months after my initial visit and have been playing for three straight months now and I'm playing better than I ever have.

To play relaxed and without pain is a amazing thing to me, especially after playing in pain all those years. My perspective and outlook on all parts of my life have changed for the better now, so for anybody out there with back, neck, or shoulder pain, or pain anywhere in your body, before you start down that road of prescription pain killers or surgery.

Give Donald a call there's a good chance that he can help you feel good again. He certainly helped me get my life back on track, and I'm grateful for that.


$95 - 1 hour.

Reflexology has been successful in relieving many acute and chronic conditions, the list is virtually endless - but some examples are help with, pre and post pregnancy, Menstrual issues, hormonal imbalances, stress, allergies, sinusitis, M.E., Candida, Migraine, and many more.

Another area where Reflexology is particularly beneficial is Senior/invalid and geriatric care, the elderly who often live alone or in assisted living accommodation often do not experience the simple act of "touch" on a daily basis. The reasons vary: spouses and close friends may have passed away, families live in other states, or physical limitations may affect activity and contact with others. In this case, Reflexology has been found to promote deep relaxation, reduce pain and anxiety, encourage sleep and communicate support and comfort for individuals. Elders with serious medical conditions are among the groups that benefit most from skilled touch, and studies have shown that touch communicates reassurance and safety to them.

Wynn D. Fayetteville AR.

My goal in beginning treatment with Donald was to relieve my plantar fasciatis.  I had been suffering from the pain for two years and the orthopedist recommended sleeping in a boot and said it may just be a chronic condition.  I slept in the boot and wore Birkenstocks.  It got a bit better, but I was still feeling pain.  After two sessions with Piranty the pain was gone.  And a bonus:  today was my third treatment and the nagging pain in my lumbar I had just attributed to old age is gone.  Vanished. .  A paradigm shift, gently coached by Donald Piranty.

Call 479-213-3593 to schedule your appointment

Actual Treatment Times and Prices (within Hot Springs city limits)

If its your first treatment please allow about 90 mins for setup,completing paperwork assessment and treatment.

$30 off 3 treatment package, call for details.

Donald Piranty,

Reflexologist, Bodyworker, and Master Massage Therapist

30 years experience.

Internationally trained:

  • Reflexology

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • British Sports Therapy

  • MyoKinesthetics

  • Myotherapy

  • Trigger Point

  • Shiatsu

  • Reiki

  • Healing and energy work for pets and animals

Visit instructions

Prior to Treatment (where possible)

Take a shower or bath

Wear loose clothing (shorts/training pants, t-shirt or similar)

Remove any Jewelry or metals from the body

Hydrate with good water

Make sure space is available for treatment chair/table

Please try and organize peace and quiet for the duration of treatment.

You are booking and paying for a set amount of treatment time, be ready.

Added time (where possible) will incur additional cost.

"The personal evaluation Donald gives after just one treatment is amazing. He seems to read your life and mind by reading your feet. I truly enjoyed my first experience and intend to use Reflexology to enhance my life!"

• Loretta C | Hot Springs, AR